Cooperative Members’ Nutrition Assessment: Protein Choices and Opportunities

Cooperative Members’ Nutrition Assessment: Protein Choices and Opportunities Benedicto Marinas had a two month assignment and worked in four villages: Bougouni, Klé, Solla-Bougouda (Sikasso region), and […]

Goat stew with Malian eggplants recipe

Soumbala’ed Goat with Malian Eggplants (Infographic)

This recipe is an adventurous yet simple take on a hearty stew! It features goat meat and a very popular Malian condiment called soumbala (or sumbala), […]

Guavas in Fresh Milk (Infographic)

With its tropical flavor that has been described as a combination of pear, strawberry, pineapple and even banana, guava is not just delicious — it is […]

Roasted eggplant salad recipe infographic

Roasted Eggplant Salad (Infographic)

Are you looking for a fresh and delicious recipe that pairs perfectly with grilled lamb chops or rack of goat? Try this Roasted Eggplant Salad recipe […]

Papaya benefits infographic

Papaya – The Fruit of the Angels (Infographic)

With its sweet, luscious orange fruit, it’s no wonder Christopher Columbus called papaya, “the fruit of the angels.” But there’s more to this fruit than just […]

Moringa benefits infographic

Moringa — Tree of Life (Infographic)

Moringa oleifera, known as the tree of life, is found in subtropical climates. It is full of vitamins and nutrients that are hard to source in rural, […]

Squash-Eggplant with Goat in Soumbala Sauce

[efsrow] [efscolumn lg=”6″ md=”6″ smoff=”0″ mdoff=”0″ lgoff=”0″ ] Anybody who has been to Mali would tell you that you do not come here for its food. […]