Goat stew with Malian eggplants recipe

Soumbala’ed Goat with Malian Eggplants (Infographic)

Mar. 1 | 2017

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This recipe is an adventurous yet simple take on a hearty stew! It features goat meat and a very popular Malian condiment called soumbala (or sumbala), which is a fermented bean paste. Also known as nete, nere, or netetou, it is often used in West African dishes such as soups and rice. It is very strong, smokey and pungent, so a little goes a long way.

Similar to miso paste, soumbala is made from the boiled seed which is left to ferment. Unfortunately, this West African flavoring supply is endangered because locust trees are very rarely planted and the pods are harvested only from wild trees. 

This dish has an ingredient that is not commonly used in Mali: moringa fruit pods. It is the part of the moringa tree that is cherished for its ability to add zest and nutrients to your dish. On top of this, we added meat from a goat that has been fed with moringa leaves, bringing even more nutrition to your plate.

Soumbala comes in balls that need to be softened in water, and sometimes powder. It can be found in some local African markets or you can substitute miso paste, fish sauce or extra broth. Enjoy!


Goat stew with Malian eggplants recipe