The ENHANCE Program to Improve Livestock

Aug. 12 | 2020

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Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Livestock Systems research project:

“Enhancing the Productivity of Small Ruminants through Improved and Cost-Effective Feeding and Animal Health Interventions (ENHANCE) in Burkina Faso and Niger”


People living in Niger and Burkina rely on their livestock, small ruminants are the center of their livelihood. Climate change, droughts, and loss of livestock production is negatively effecting this balance. During the hot season, lack of water and food challenge the health of the animals.


There are three main objectives to improve productivity of small ruminants:

1) improving the production, transformation, conservation and commercialization of nutritionally-rich and cost-beneficial fodder and improved animal feed,

2) improving the treatment of livestock against parasites that prevent a good utilization of feed and fodder, and

3) improving the political environment and support of the animal feed and fodder industry


By the end of the program, they hope to help these issues through harvesting, feeding practices and parasite control.


Watch the video below to learn more about the program!