Feb. 16 | 2020

Project Researcher and Consultant
Professor, Coordinator Center for Expertise and Applied Research
University of Segou

Konimba Bengaly, Professor of Animal Science, has researched intensely on improving the viability of livestock production systems with emphasis on utilization, evaluation, preservation, upgrading feed resources and supplementation. His current research interest is to enhance the productivity of mixed crop and livestock production systems through efficient nutrient cycling.

Bengaly received his M.S. in Animal Nutrition-University of Aberdeen/Scotland (1996) and his Ph.D. (2002) from the University of Putra Malaysia/Malaysia. Postdoctoral training (2005-2006) included the University of KwaZulu-Natal/South Africa on the Suitability of Forage legumes species (Lespedeza) as animal feed and as a remedy in alleviating endo-parasites problems.

Bengaly is currently the Associate Professor, Research Officer, Animal Feeds and Feeding, and Coordinator of Center of Expertise and Applied Research for Development, University of Segou. He was the Livestock Program Officer (2012-2013) at Winrock International, Bamako, Mali and the Assistant Research Officer (2010-2012) at the Animal Nutrition Laboratory, Institut Economie Rurale, Bamako, Mali. He was a former Program Manager, Farmer to Farmer Program, Mali; Winrock International.