Feb. 16 | 2020

U.S. Project Director Common Pastures

President Browse & Grass Growers Cooperative

Judy Moses is Founder and President of Browse & Grass Growers Cooperative and is the director of the newly funded Burkina Faso Farmer-to-Farmer Project (F2F). She has experience as a F2F volunteer in a number of countries and as the director of two USAID Special Program Support Project grants (2015-2017) in Mali, West Africa.


Previously she worked with diverse refugee families in the U.S. including the writing and managing of federally funded projects in collaboration with the local Somali community, the Dunn County Economic Development agency and the University of Wisconsin-Menomonie. Technical support and training was successfully provided to new refugee families regarding livestock, slaughter, marketing, nutrition, and business start-ups. In addition, with her spouse, she owns and manages a livestock farm and direct markets meat to restaurants and online customers.


As a project director she has more than 20 years of experience in a non-profit parent training and information center with the mission of expanding opportunities and enhancing the quality of life of children, youth, and adults with disabilities and their families thus providing her with a unique perspective about including all in the community and workforce. Browse & Grass continues to work in Mali under private funding to offer students hands-on agriculture and business training; and as a sub awardee to Winrock International’s F2F project facilitating in-country logistics and volunteer support.


Moses is the co-owner and manager of Shepherd Song Farm LLC  and has been active in the sheep and goat industry since 1989. With her spouse operates a sheep and goat farm on grazed pasture and woodlots. They direct market USDA 100% grass fed meat products with approved claims for pasture raised, never confined, no antibiotics, growth hormones or animal byproducts. They raise lambs & goats traditionally, humanely and sustainably using Holistic Resource Management and sustainable agriculture practices.They both exchange and share their experience and expertise with shepherds globally through the Farmer-to-Farmer program funded by USAID. Moses received the Volunteer Impact Service Award (12/8/2011) for Mali Farmer-to-Farmer Projects from the Volunteers for Economic Growth Alliance (VEGA) . She also received the President’s Volunteer Service Awards (2011, 2012 & 2013) presented by the Corporation for National and Community Service for making a difference through volunteer service.