Feb. 16 | 2020

Country Director: Mali


Bara Kassambara was the Winrock International Director of the Farmer-to-Farmer Program-Mali for over 10 years. He has a Master of Science degree in Tropical Agriculture, 1980, from the Katibougou Rural Polytechnic Institute. Concentration fields include: Tropical Agronomy, Soil Fertility, Plant Nutrition, Natural Resource Management, Biodiversity and Extension Education. Kassambara has over 20 years experience with government institutions as Chief of Local Agriculture and Regional Training Specialist.

Other positions include Project Leader of West Africa Water Initiative for Winrock International; African Smallholder Family Initiatives Team Leader Mopti / Winrock International; Chief of Training Division of the Regional Agricultural Office, Mopti.

Kassambara is fluent in French, English, Bambara, Dogon, Fulani. In his spare time Kassambara enjoys jogging, cycling, mechanics, electronics, photography, sewing and relaxing with his family. He has six children, two in medical school, two in accounting school, and two in the lower grades.