Local and regional partners are critical to ensure sustainability of the project activities and that the unique needs of smallholder farmers, women and youth are met. 

Our partners and collaborators include farmer cooperatives, agriculture extension agents, agriculture schools, and small businesses. Our objective is to empower and equip rural families and rural communities to diversify and increase income from agriculture-related livelihoods; thus, building resilience among smallholder, low-resource farmers. 

Satisfying and profitable work increases the ability of individuals, families, and communities to mitigate, withstand, and recover from crises resulting from social, economic, and environmental challenges. With our partners we support smallholder farmers and their communities to increase food security and manage risk by diversifying livelihoods, improving access to markets, building social and systemic support systems, and promoting disaster risk reduction strategies. 

Partnerships build the capacity of all actors and helps withstand social, economic and environmental shocks. With the goal of informed and educated decision making to overcome rapidly changing and challenging conditions.

We provide demand-driven technical trainings, hands-on-learning and cost-effective implementation of sustainable agriculture production, management, and marketing techniques in collaboration with and in support of our partners.