May. 21 | 2020

Agronomy Sciences,
Senior Research Specialist
Department of Agronomy
University of Wisconsin, Madison Campus

Thierno Hady Diallo is the Owner and manager of GAMOU Organic Farms, “Where Theory Meets Practice” Mali, West Africa. He grew up in Mali about 25 miles from Bamako and Gamou Farms. Gamou Farm’s mission is to train a new generation of Agriculture leaders, producers and researchers to lessen food insecurity. He hopes to make Gamou Farms a special learning place where students can be fully trained and equipped to tackle Mali’s agricultural challenges.

Diallo received a scholarship and earned his Master’s degree in Agronomy in 1992 at the Agriculture Institute of Kishinev, Republic of Moldova (former Soviet Union). After Graduation he moved to France where he worked on dairy and crop farms in the Normandy region for three years. In 1995 he moved to Sheboygan, Wisconsin as a government exchange student in a program focused on farm management, animal husbandry, dairy, and crop production. In May of 2007 he joined the Corn Research program at the Department of Agronomy of the University of Wisconsin Madison as a Research Specialist.

His goal through GAMOU Organic Farms is to give students the opportunity to reach their full potential. He believes three requirements are needed to establish a foundation of food security:

  1. Strong government policies, incentives and infrastructure;
  2. Education and training based on research and development;
  3. Hard work.

Please visit us in Mali to see for yourself how we are doing. You would be fully welcomed.