Youth Learn Silage Process with Peanut Material

Silage is used to preserve green matter for a longer period of time without jeopardizing the nutritional quality. In Mali and Burkina Faso this is an […]

Youth Show, “Nobility of Spirit is not Matter of Age”

In Mali it’s typical for children to enjoy being among the adults during meetings or village discussions, the adults think otherwise and the youth are often […]

Minimizing Climate Change Through the Use of Trees

What is agroforestry and what is the impact it has on climate change?    Agroforestry is a way to introduce woody perennials, such as trees and […]

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Tabaski, Celebrating Around a Ram

In July many people in West Africa celebrated Tabaski, an Islamic holiday. The special occasion honors the ability of Abraham to sacrifice his son as an […]

Youth Development through a Business Plan

Youth development is important in rural communities and after attending a business training with volunteer Neelam Canto-Lugo, a group of youth decided to put their skills […]

Pig Farmers See Improvements in Mali

Back in 2019 volunteer Professor Harouna Maiga worked with pig farmers in Mali to improve the profitability of pigs. Utilizing leftover green material from local cassava […]

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