Dogon Country, Mali

Dogon people of Mali: Part 1

The Dogon are a people of Mali, West Africa. Today, their total population in Mali is estimated at 700,000. They occupy the area, named Dogon Country, […]

Goat tape measure

Estimating the weight of your goat

It’s important to know the weight of your goat when calculating proper medication doses or if you are selling your goat. In Mali, many farmers do […]

A Malian woman brings vegetables to lunch

Women carry an important load

In Mali, women can commonly be found carrying large loads of around 50-75Kg. They can easily move with a child of 25Kg on the back, a […]

Malian bogolan mud art

Malian bogolan fabric

Bogolan is a word in Bambara (language from Mali, West Africa) composed by a common name “bogo” meaning clay, mud and a suffix “lan” indicating the […]

Measuring the well depth of 3 meters

Water is life

Water has a considerable impact on all aspects of human health and wellbeing, including: nutrition, spirituality, peace, social consideration, power, resilience, education, economical and financial development, […]

Improved goats produce more milk

In the first year of the Common Pastures project, Katibougou Cooperative President Amadou Diaby received an improved buck to help increase the health and wellbeing of his […]

Breeding program progresses in Bougouni

Over the past two years, the Common Pastures project has contributed improved goats and sheep to cooperatives that met flock upgrading goals, plus ongoing training and […]

Visiting the Katibougou tree demonstration site

In the first year of the Common Pastures project (March 2015-March 2016), more than 3,000 fertilizer trees were sourced and planted in Mali, West Africa. A […]

An egg and vegetable breakfast dish

Bringing Out the Best in Local Foods

Bringing Out the Best in Local Foods The primary objective of this assignment was to train chefs, and staff on creatively utilizing local foods to meet […]