Improved goats produce more milk

Nov. 30 | 2017

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In the first year of the Common Pastures project, Katibougou Cooperative President Amadou Diaby received an improved buck to help increase the health and wellbeing of his goat herd. He also received training on improved breeding practices.

Katibugou president Amadou Diaby’s improved goat herd

On a visit to Katibougou in November 2017, Common Pastures Project Manager Bara Kassambara visited Diaby’s farm to see how the breeding has progressed. Kassambara says: “Today Diaby is happy and very thankful to VEGA/F3P program and say it proudly to all the neighbors. According to him, before the program he can only milk 1 liter per day and all his animals were dwarf goats, not much lucrative in markets. To date the improvement of his breed is clearly perceptible.”


Today, Diaby’s family drinks 2 liters of goat milk per day, his herder’s family drinks 1 liter and he can sell 2 liters of goat milk every day at the price of $0.8 (400F CFA) per liter. Also in his neighboring farm, dwarf goats cost $40 (20.000 F CFA) but Diaby’s goat are all sold up to $70 (35.000 F CFA). Diaby also receives lots of requests for his animals’ offsprings, which will bring sustainability to more and more families with each passing year.

Mr. Diaby with improved goat kids