Plant Trees

In Mali, legume trees not only provide shade and combat deforestation – they also provide nutrients for humans and feed for goats and sheep. Species such as Moringa, Leucaena and Glyricidia are easy to grow in tropical climates, yet few farmers are aware of their many benefits. You can help educate them and provide the trees they need.




How We Help

Common Pastures not only helps to plant trees - we also offer education to assist farmers in caring for them and feeding their animals. In 2016, we planted 3,000 trees, and from those trees’ cuttings, we were able to establish two new tree fodder banks the following year. These trees also help to enhance soil health and combat the troubling issue of deforestation.

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How You Help

Your donations will help us plant more trees and educate farmers on how to care for them. Families will learn how to use the trees for feeding their families and their animals and improving the environment.

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