Dogon people of Mali: Part 4

Crocodiles in Dogon County

Crocodiles play an important role in the villages of Dogon country that have surface water, including Borko.   As the story goes, an ancestor of Kassambara was traveling through Mali... Read More

Dogon people of Mali: Part 3

Dogon Mali rock wall paintings

This is part three of a four-part blog series on the Dogon People of Mali, West Africa. • Read Part 1 • Read Part 2   Dogon rock paintings   For... Read More

Dogon people of Mali: Part 2

Dogon Hogon

Dogon Religion   The Dogon community’s life is centered around the Hogon, who is the spiritual leader of the village. The oldest man in the village becomes a Hogon. After... Read More

Dogon people of Mali: Part 1

Dogon Country, Mali

The Dogon are a people of Mali, West Africa. Today, their total population in Mali is estimated at 700,000. They occupy the area, named Dogon Country, which stretches from the... Read More

Women carry an important load

A Malian woman brings vegetables to lunch

In Mali, women can commonly be found carrying large loads of around 50-75Kg. They can easily move with a child of 25Kg on the back, a 30Kg jar of water,... Read More