Nutrient Rich Molasses Blocks

Sheep testing urea-molasses block

Molasses Blocks from Local Ingredients   Sheep and goat diets in Mali are based on fibrous, low nutrient feeds like mature pastures and crop residues. These feeds are deficient in... Read More

GPS Tracking Of Livestock

Tracking Livestock to Quantify Their Activity & Grazing Patterns   Why is GPS Tracking of Livestock Helpful? The increased knowledge of livestock grazing patterns is especially useful when developing sustainable use... Read More

Cassava Trials

What is Cassava? Cassava is the world’s third largest source of low cost carbohydrates with Africa as its largest center of production. It is the principal source of nutrition for... Read More

Why Plant Legume Trees?

Why Planting Legume Trees in Mali is Important By Asher Mazur, 11 year old volunteer and legume tree champion   I have always enjoyed working with goats and sheep on... Read More

Healthy Sheep & Goats

As in much of Africa, livestock in Mali is grazed on communal land, which can be hard on their health. The flocks owned by different families or individuals compete for... Read More

Solar Cooking Saves Trees

Village cooking

Construction of Solar Ovens Deforestation and soil erosion is an increasing problem that affects both human and animal food and feed availability. Annual wood consumption for cooking throughout developing counties is approximately... Read More

Improving Lives With Sheep & Goats

Sheep and goat meat is critical for supplying essential protein and nutrients not available from a maize or rice based diet. Small and consistent management practices can increase goat and... Read More