GPS Mapping

GPS Mapping Matt McIntosh focused on GPS tracking of sedentary small ruminant herds to understand livestock grazing patterns on rangeland and crop fields and included: • Testing a lighter GPS... Read More

Small Ruminant Production and Nutrition Systems


Small Ruminant Production and Nutrition Systems Dr. Andrés Cibils developed and presented a graduate student seminar: “Feeding Grazing Ruminants in the Tropics” to 17 master’s students in agricultural economics at... Read More

Small Ruminant Fodder Production Systems

Feeding Small Ruminants Year-Round The primary objective of this assignment was to provide the F3P supported farmers with knowledge, skills and tools to practically implement better strategies for feeding animals... Read More

Volunteer trip in Kalana

Common Pastures volunteers Jake Holmes and Mitchelle Makanjoula, in partnership with Live your Dream Mali, worked together to produce this video, which highlights their activities at Kalana, Mali (January 2017).... Read More

Nutrient Rich Molasses Blocks

Sheep testing urea-molasses block

Molasses Blocks from Local Ingredients   Sheep and goat diets in Mali are based on fibrous, low nutrient feeds like mature pastures and crop residues. These feeds are deficient in... Read More

GPS Tracking Of Livestock

Tracking Livestock to Quantify Their Activity & Grazing Patterns   Why is GPS Tracking of Livestock Helpful? The increased knowledge of livestock grazing patterns is especially useful when developing sustainable use... Read More