Asher Mazur

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Youth Ambassador
Asher is coordinating the legume tree planting project with the goal of providing 1,000 trees. He will be assisting in the planting this summer. He is 11 years old, the youngest of three, and lives in Pacifica, California, with his parents and three dogs. He was born in Wisconsin and lived there until the age of 8. He is a competitive gymnast, enjoys surfing, hiking, climbing, camping and nature. He performs in karate, dance and piano. Being homeschooled by his parents has provided the opportunity to incorporate various projects and experiential learning into his education. A favorite book series of his is, Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson adventures.
Asher cares about conservation, the environment and animals. Asher’s interest in Common Pastures is to help people understand the importance of planting Legume trees in Mali, and actually help plant the trees himself, because the goats and sheep need help thriving in arid conditions. He has always enjoyed working with goats and sheep on his aunt’s farm in Wisconsin and wants to help the flocks that are struggling in Mali. This project combines several elements that are important to Asher, from animal welfare, conservation, sustainability, and helping others, to learning and sharing with new friends and cultures.

Special Announcement!

Asher Meets $2,000 Legume Tree Goal

Asher Meets $2,000 Legume Tree Goal

Great job Asher!
Asher, our sheep and goat champion, met his goal today (July 24, 2015) of raising $2,000 for the legume tree project. Legume trees improve the soil and their leaves provide a nutritious supplement for sheep and goats during the dry season. His funds will provide a 1,000 saplings and an additional 100 trees planted in memory or celebration of loved ones.
He will be in Mali during August to personally plant the 100 special trees. He has set another goal for an additional 100 trees.
If you would like to donate to his cause email direct to He will tell you how.
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