Help The Cause

Sustaining Flocks, Farms and Families


Common Pastures is a collaboration between farmers, volunteers, educators, and YOU.

By making a donation, you are helping Common Pastures provide opportunities for small farmers and their families to reach their highest potential while improving the environment. We welcome contributions in a variety of ways and any amount is appreciated.

Your Support Makes It Happen

Your donations will directly impact the small farmers and their families. There are many ways to support Common Pastures and the people of Mali. Choose from the options below to find a level of support that is right for you.

Make a Donation to a Specific Venture



$10.00 will provide 10 legume tree saplings that enriches the soil while providing quality feed for goats during the dry season.

two-children-tree-200x200Legume Tree

$25.00 will provide a mixed variety of 30 legume tree saplings (Gliricidia sepium, Albizia lebbeck, and Leucaena leucocephala).

student-2-200x200Student Education Stipend

$50.00 will provide a student stipend for education.

young-ram1-200x200Breeding Lamb or Goat Kid

$100.00 will provide a breeding quality lamb or goat kid and appropriate care support for a low resource village youth or family.


youth-with-goat-200x200Learning Preventative Care

$250.00 will provide a farmer cooperative with preventative sheep and goat care training and supplies.

starter-flock-4-200x200Starter Flock
of 4

$500.00 will provide a starter sheep or goat flock of 4 adult, breeding quality animals for a low resource family.

p3-lunch1-200x200Village Visit
& Meal

$1,000.00 will provide a visit to a village and share a meal as our guest of honor. Includes transportation from the capital city of Bamako to the village, translator and host.

village-chief-200x200Overnight in Village & Chief

$2,500.00 will provide an overnight in a village, meet the chief and opportunity to participate in living activities. Includes transportation from the capital city of Bamako to the village, translator and host.


Prefer to Volunteer?

Your expertise is welcomed! Please fill out the form below or email us to discuss.