Nutrient Rich Molasses Blocks

Sheep testing urea-molasses block

Molasses Blocks from Local Ingredients   Sheep and goat diets in Mali are based on fibrous, low nutrient feeds like mature pastures and crop residues. These feeds are deficient in... Read More

Improving Nutrient Value of Byproducts


Treating Low Quality Crop Residues Producing silage is one method of treating low quality crop residues. Silage consists of cut plant material that is sealed in a silo without air... Read More

Rainy Season Herding Patterns Poster

GPS Mapping Results in the Niger River Valley

A Preliminary GPS-based Assessment   Smallholder livestock production in Mali's rain-fed agro-pastoral systems is strongly limited by deficient levels of ruminant feeding (Eibils et al. 2015). Crop cycles frequently dictate... Read More