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Common Pastures: Sustaining Flocks, Farms and Families

Common Pastures is devoted to the art and science of integrating grazing animals, trees, shrubs, crops and pasture.

This project is a unique collaboration between the USAID Farmer to Farmer program, the Browse and Grass Growers Cooperative, Shepherd Song Farm (U.S.), Gamou Farm (Mali), the University of Segou and other Malian small farmers and agriculture organizations dedicated to improving the sustainability and integration of sheep and goat production for small farmers in Mali, West Africa.

Common Pasture provides education, information and training on integrated farming methods with a special focus on small ruminant production, management and marketing. A holistic management system is supported that combines humane livestock protocols with healthy, diverse, productive and sustainable land use practices. Our mission is to expand opportunities and to enhance the quality of life for farmers and their families based on the concept of farmers helping farmers and cooperatives helping cooperatives.

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